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Al-Monitor – Russia, China veto UN vote to extend aid to Syria’s opposition-held northwest.

Russia previously made clear its intent to veto the proposal, despite last-minute hopes the Kremlin might abstain. Russia and China have blocked a proposal at the United Nations Security Council aimed at keeping open two border crossings that channel aid into Syria’s opposition-held northwest from Turkey. Russia, which backs Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the conflict, previously […]


Kurdistan24 – Russia expected to again block crucial aid to 4 million civilians in northeast Syria

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – Local officials in northeast Syria have urged the United Nations Security Council to reauthorize medical aid deliveries through an Iraqi border crossing to Syria’s northeastern region. Since its closure in December, over four million civilians living there have not been able to get crucial humanitarian aid amid worsening economic conditions and […]


al-Monitor – Syrian Kurds say Turkish charity dwarfed by stolen produce

Original Article by Amberin Zaman, al-Monitor, 22 June 2020 Turkey’s state-run Anadolu news agency reported that on Monday, two Turkish charities had sent six trucks carrying humanitarian aid to the rebel-held province of Idlib in northwest Syria. “Truckloads of supplies including flour, clothing and dry food [donated] by the Adana Dosteller and Eskisehir Gunisigi charities entered Idlib through […]


Erst die Soldaten, dann das Geld

Die Führung in Ankara baut systematisch ihre Kontrolle über Nordsyrien aus – die Kurden warnen vor türkischen „Annexionsplänen“ Original Article, by Thomas Seibert, on July 20 2020 Es ist ein klares Signal. Seit Monaten werden Soldaten, Waffen und Panzer aus der Türkei in die umkämpfte syrische Provinz Idlib verlegt. Nun schickt die Regierung in Ankara […]


the Canary -The Yezidis survived ISIS genocide. Now Turkey is bombing their homeland.

Original article by Finn Reynolds, the Canary, 17 June 2020 The Yezidi (Yazidi) people have faced over 70 genocides and mass killings throughout their history. Most recently, they were left undefended when Daesh (ISIS/ISIL) swept through Iraq, killing, raping, and enslaving thousands of the long-oppressed minority in what the United Nations described as a genocide. […]


La Turquie traque les rebelles du PKK jusqu’en Irak

L’armée turque a lancé dans la nuit du dimanche 14 au lundi 15 juin 2020 des frappes aériennes sur des bases des rebelles kurdes dans le nord de l’Irak. « Nos avions écrasent les cavernes des terroristes », a déclaré le ministère turc de la Défense sur Twitter. Original article, by Sylvain Mercadier, on June […]


Interview: Workers discuss the economic impact of Corona in NES

A logistics worker, a day laborer and a housewife from Hemo village, near Qamishlo, talk about the economic hardship they have been facing since the Corona outbreak. They were interviewed 25 May 2020. Suleiman Hussein Suleiman, logistics worker My name is Suleiman Hussein Suleiman, and I am aged 22 and work in logistics in Hemo […]


Al-Monitor – US, allies press Russia to allow UN aid to Syria from Iraq

Though the United States and allied countries are working to convince Russia to reopen a border crossing between Iraq and Syria to UN humanitarian aid, Moscow could not only refuse but block aid through other points. Original article by Amberin Zaman in Al-Monitor, 20 May 2020 The United States and its allies are lobbying Russia […]


Open Democracy – Rojava: statelessness in a time of pandemic

Lack of international recognition as a state has disastrous consequences on an area already suffering from war and displacement. Original article by Anya Briy in Open Democracy, 19 May 2020 The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES), commonly known as Rojava, has illuminated the plight of the stateless—even though statelessness in the AANES’s […]


Human Rights Watch – Syria: Aid Restrictions Hinder Covid-19 Response

UN Should Reauthorize Assistance from Iraq; Damascus Should Allow Passage Original Article Published on Human Rights Watch, 28 April 2020 (Beirut) – Restrictions on aid deliveries from Damascus and Iraq are preventing medical supplies and personnel needed to prevent, contain, and treat Covid-19 from reaching two million people in northeast Syria, Human Rights Watch said […]


El Pais – Tres Sirias frente a una pandemia

Una década de guerra ha dejado el país partido en tres, el sistema sanitario devastado y una población empobrecida incapaz de confrontar la covid-19 Original article by Natalia Sancha in El Pais, 02 May 2020 Una década de guerra ha partido Siria en tres: al noroeste la insurrecta Idlib, la autonomía kurda al noreste y […]


Human Rights Watch – تركيا/سوريا: المياه سلاح خلال وباء عالمي؟

Published by Human Rights Watch. (بيروت) – قالت “هيومن رايتس ووتش” اليوم إن تقاعس السلطات التركية عن ضمان إمدادات مياه كافية لمناطق سيطرة الأكراد في شمال شرق سوريا يضر بقدرة المنظمات الإنسانية على تجهيز المجتمعات الضعيفة لحمايتها، في ظل انتشار فيروس “كورونا” الجديد المسبب لوباء “كوفيد-19” العالمي. ينبغي للسلطات التركية بذل كل جهدها لاستئناف توريد المياه من محطة ضخ […]