Report: Displaced population and refugee camps

This update covers the period 9th October - 2nd November, providing an overview of the impact of the invasion on existing IDP and refugee camps in the region, rioting and breakouts of ISIS affiliates, newly displaced populations and the humanitarian response to the crisis.

Explainer: Shifting power-plays in North and East Syria [Updated]

Now updated with the 22nd October Russia - Turkey Agreement. With the 13 October agreement between the Syrian Democratic Forces and Damascus, and the 17 October ‘ceasefire’ agreement between Ankara and Washington, the geopolitical situation…

Erdogan’s “security zone”: Refugees and humanitarian aid in North East Syria

This report seeks to provide an analysis of the Turkey's current invasion in terms of its humanitarian impact. We examine Erdogan’s stated reasons for the invasion of North and East Syria, including his proposals for a so-called “security…

Erdogan Wants a ‘Buffer Zone’ Along the Syria Border – but It’s Turkish Forces Killing Civilians – Novara Media, UK

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Original article by Robin Fleming (William John Gauthier | Fouad Abdo is a farmer from the village of Batirzani, near the border wall that divides Rojava from Turkish-occupied Kurdish regions to the north.…

Database: Over 30 Turkish cross-border attacks against Rojava in 2019, only 1 attack targets Turkey

A new Rojava Information Center database has documented over thirty Turkish cross-border attacks targeting North East Syria since the beginning of 2019 alone, with rocket and heavy weapons fire wounding and killing at least 27 civilians. In…

New Trends in Western Support for The Turkish Arms Industry

In this research note we examine the new ways that the companies in NATO countries are finding to continue their economical relations with the Turkish state. You can read the report above and find a link to view and download the research…