Jóvenes promesas: Una introducción al sistema universitario del NES

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Descargar Ante la guerra y el aislamiento regional, la Administración Autónoma del Norte y Este de Siria (AANES) ha construido en su territorio una red de universidades para rivalizar con las instituciones de producción de conocimiento…

Young and Promising: An Introduction to the NES University System

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In the face of war and regional isolation, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) has constructed a network of universities on its territory in order to rival the knowledge-production institutions of the Syrian government.…

The Syrian National Army: The Turkish Proxy Militias of Northern Syria

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Download the full report here. The Syrian National Army (SNA) was established in late 2017, composed mainly of Turkmen factions. It grew into a kaleidoscope of militias, including former Free Syrian Army (FSA) militias, armed groups from…

The Rojava Revolution – A Decade On (Part I)

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Part I History of the Revolution: Much Achieved, Still Much to be Done 1. Introduction The ‘Rojava Revolution’ began exactly ten years ago, on July 19th 2012, when three predominantly Kurdish-inhabited areas of Syria declared their…

Ahrar al-Sharqiya: War Crimes with Impunity

Download the full report here. In July of 2021, the US treasury sanctioned Turkish-backed SNA faction Ahrar al-Sharqiya and two of its leaders, Ahmad Ihsan Fayyad (Abu Hatem Shaqra) and Raed Jassim Al-Hayes (Abu Jaafer Shaqra) under…

Beyond Rojava: North and East Syria’s Arab Regions

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    Download the full report here. The new political program in NES is driving major political and societal transformations in terms of direct democracy and gender equality. But implementing this program has been challenging…

Standing Alone: Medical, Political And Social Strategies For Supporting War-wounded Individuals In NES

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In a May 2020 report, the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights estimated the number of deaths in the Syrian conflict at between 384,000 and 586,100 people. Since the outbreak of violence in 2011, the war has had a devastating impact on…

Hidden Battlefields: Rehabilitating ISIS Affiliates and Building a Democratic Culture in Their Former Territories

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You can download the full report here. A “general amnesty” for all Syrian nationals held in Hol Camp was recently announced by the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), the political authority representing the autonomous regions…

After ISIS: Ensuring a future for Christians and other minorities in North and East Syria

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Download the full report here. North and East Syria is both religiously and ethnically diverse. It is inhabited not only by (primarily Sunni Muslim) Arabs and Kurds, but also by Syriac-Assyrian Christians, Armenian Christians, Turkmen,…

Dossier: El sistema democràtic del nord i l’est de Síria

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El 9 d'octubre de 2019, la invasió turca de Síria va iniciar un nou capítol en la Guerra Civil d'aquest país i va obrir nous escenaris polítics pels poders regionals i globals.