The two women who claim to be Spanish - El País, Spain

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Original article by Natalia Sancha, El País, 17 March The YPJ commander Lilwa Abdulá talking with ISIS women who were evacuates from Baghouz. Picture published with the permission of Rojava Information Center En el este de Siria,…

Factsheet: factions in the Turkish-backed "Free Syrian Army"

In this research note we examine the make-up of the Turkish-backed "Free Syrian Army", which Turkish government-linked sources have announced will participate in a threatened invasion of North-Eastern Syria following their invasion of Afrin…

As Isis Falls, a Humanitarian Crisis Is Rapidly Unfolding in North-Eastern Syria - Novara Media, UK

Original article by Dani Ellis, Novara Media Once encompassing an area the size of England with a population of almost 10 million, the Islamic State of Syria and the Levant (Isis) now occupies just a small village near the Syria-Iraq…

Interview on the final operation against ISIS - Al-Jazeera, Qatar

Hoseng Hussein on Al Jazeera: final SDF push against ISIS caliphate from Rojava Information Center on Vimeo.

Kurdish-Arab forces fight their last battle against ISIS in eastern Syria - El Pais, Spain

Original article by Natalia Sancha, El País Un miembro de las Fuerzas Democráticas Sirias, este martes en Baguz. D. SOULEIMAN AFP “El avance está siendo lento debido al enorme número de minas plantadas en el camino y por los…

2,000 people, mostly IS militants, surrender in Syria, Kurds say - DPA, Germany

Original article by Khalil Hamlo and Weedah Hamza, DPA. (Rojava Information Centre) Deir al-Zour, Syria (dpa) - Around 2,000 people, most of them Islamic State militants and their family members, have surrendered on Tuesday to the Kurdish-led…

Bulletin: North East Syria Updates - 11.03.2019

International Women's Day on the ISIS front Key events: International Women’s Day sees ceremonies, celebrations, marches and events across Northern Eastern Syria Read more SDF resume operations against remaining IS enclave…

Jinwar, the Syrian village that is only for women - Ara, Catalonia

Original article by Ethel Bonet, Ara, 8 March 2019 ¿És possible construir una utopia feminista enmig de la devastació de la guerra? Les dones del poblat de Jinwar ho han fet realitat. Han estat dos anys treballant intensament per…

Germans fight for Syria's Kurds against the IS

Original article by DPA (Rojava Information Centre/dpa) Damaskus. Auch der syrischen Kurden-Miliz YPG haben sich viele Ausländer angeschlossen. Diese pflegt allerdings enge Kontakte zur verbotenen PKK. Seinen echten Namen will er…

Bulletin: North East Syria Updates – 4.3.2019

Key Events The last operation against ISIS in Baghouz started after ISIS jihadists are surrendering by the hundreds. Rescued Yezidi children and women have been reunited with their families in the Iraqi Kurdistan, after being delayed…