Witness Testimonies from Turkey’s Double-Tap Attack on Teqil Beqil

RIC went to Derik to talk with witnesses of Turkey's double-tap strike in Teqil Beqil. 5 people gave their testimonies and recounted their memories of the night. Read their translated testimonies, unedited: Download the document here

A Month on from Tehran – Turkish Attacks from 19/7-18/8/2022

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0 People Killed 0 People Injured 0 Civilians Killed 0 Civilians Injured 0 Drone Attacks On the 19th of July, 2022, a meeting between the heads of state of Turkey, Iran and Russia took place…

The SNA Encyclopedia: A Guide to the Turkish Proxy Militias

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Download the full report here. This report is a compilation of open-source information about the current state of the SNA militias active in the Turkish-occupied territories of Syria (as of August 2022). It updates the already existing…

The Rojava Revolution – A Decade On (Part I)

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Part I History of the Revolution: Much Achieved, Still Much to be Done 1. Introduction The ‘Rojava Revolution’ began exactly ten years ago, on July 19th 2012, when three predominantly Kurdish-inhabited areas of Syria declared their…

La batalla de Heseke. Desarrollo y análisis

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En números (últimos del 26 de enero), según las Fuerzas Democráticas Sirias (SDF): Población penitenciaria original 4000 (700 menores)Presos entregados desde dentro de la prisión y reingresados: 3500Prisioneros fugados retenidos: 100Presos…

The Battle of Heseke 2022: Timeline and Analysis

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In Numbers as per the SDF Original prison population: 4000 (700 minor) Prisoners surrendered from within the prison and rearrested: 3500 Escaped prisoners rearrested: 100 Escaped prisoners still at…

Timeline of Major Riots, Raids, and Escape Attempts in Heseke’s Sina’a Prison

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Background The Sina’a prison is located the Ghweiran District of Heseke city. It is often called Ghweiran Prison for this reason. It is housed in buildings on the old campus of Al-Furat University. It is unclear exactly when the buildings…

Newroz Ahmed, Commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces: “The SDF is Ready for Possible Attacks”

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Throughout the fall of 2021 Turkey threatened a new invasion into North and East Syria. As of mid-November the threats abated and it became clear that no such invasion would take place in the absence of greenlights from the US and Russia…

Explainer: Archeology in Raqqa and Manbij

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In 2014, ISIS bulldozed ancient churches in Manbij. Only these mosaics survived the destruction. The jihadists defaced the mosaics and attempted to remove it in order to sell it. Left-over statues in Manbij. NES' archeological sites are…

Explainer: Arab Women in Security and Defense of North and East Syria

Asayisha Jin in Deir ez-Zor With the advances of the SDF through the Arab-majority regions and the establishment of the new political system, women started to join the security and defence forces. In the system of the AANES, women participate…