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“Our main objective is to develop autonomous local structures” – Agid Brahim, Federation of Wounded Individuals

The war against ISIS, but also the recurring Turkish invasions in North and East Syria have left tens of thousands of fighters and civilians injured and long-term disabled. Yet, with a healthcare system in crisis the AANES is struggling to meet the medical needs of its population. The Federation of Wounded Individuals in North and […]


National Interest – Beware the Women of ISIS

Original article by Emily Przyborowski in National Interest 2 April 2021 The female cadres of ISIS are now poised to expand as a result of a new generation of extremists now being incubated in Syria’s assorted refugees camps. Less than two years after the destruction of its proto-state in Iraq and Syria, the world’s most […]


Council On Foreign Relations – Biden-Harris Should Lead on Women’s Rights and Help End Syrian Conflict

Original article by Amy Austin Holmes, published in Council On Foreign Relations 26 March 2021 On the tenth anniversary of the Syrian uprising, Geir Pederson, UN Special Envoy for Syria, expressed “profound regret” at the slow pace of the UN-mediated peace talks, which have made no improvements on the ground in Syria nor put forth a […]

The Anti-Terror Trial System in NES

Interview with Sîpan Ahmed (name changed), prosecutor at the People’s Defense Court of Qamishlo. The People’s Defense Courts are in charge of trying crimes related to terrorism – mostly, though not exclusively, related to ISIS combatants. Two courts exist, with the second one located in Kobanê. This interview was conducted in collaboration with the Hague-based […]