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Elections opportunity for Kurdish-Turkish de-escalation – US think tank

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – The upcoming Turkish elections on May 14, especially if they yield an opposition victory, will be “a rare opportunity” for the US to broker a Turkish-Kurdish peace, argues a new report by the New Lines Institute, a Washington-based think tank. Original article published on North Press by Sasha Hoffmann on […]


April Sleeper Cell Report – Coalition Strikes Continue In Turkish-Occupied Territories Against ISIS Leadership

Key Points: 20 confirmed sleeper cell attacks in April, no change from March. 10 military personnel killed, 17 military personnel injured, three civilians injured in ISIS attacks. At least five ISIS members killed and 19 arrested in raids and strikes. ISIS leader Ibrahim Sheikh Musa killed in Coalition raid inside Turkish-occupied territory. Charity office burned […]


March Sleeper Cell Report – Attacks doubled on previous month

Members of the SDF special forces Yekîneyên Antî Teror (YAT) Key points 20 sleeper cell attacks in March, up from February’s ten. Eight people (four military personnel and four civilians) died in those attacks, eight (seven military personnel and one civilian) were injured. Additionally, two ISIS members were killed. In four raids, seven ISIS members […]

February Sleeper Cell Report – US personnel injured in sleeper cell raid

Fire ablaze in NES’ al-Hol camp Key points 10 independently confirmed sleeper cell attacks, far down from January’s 20. 1 military personnel and 3 civilians killed, significantly down from 15 deaths last month. 7 arrests and 5 deaths of ISIS members during raids. Fire in al-Hol camp and outbreak attempt. UN report criticizing AANES’ handling […]

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Incessant War: Turkey’s Drone Campaign in NES, 2022

After several failed attempts to secure a greenlight from the United States of America (US) and Russia for a ground invasion in NES, Turkey has relied increasingly on drone attacks as a strategy to weaken the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the AANES. In 2022, in North and East Syria (NES), RIC recorded 130 drone […]


Annual Sleeper Cell Report 2022

  While ISIS’ 2019 defeat in Baghouz, at the hands of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Global Coalition, saw the former finally lose its territorial caliphate, the enduring activity of ISIS sleeper cells in North and East Syria (NES) remains a grave threat for the region as well as the wider world, and testifies […]

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Explainer: Afrin, 5 years under Turkish occupation

The Afrin region, in the far north-west of Syria, was one of the 3 original Kurdish cantons of Rojava. Rojava alludes to the Kurdish-majority populated areas in Syria, comprising the western part of Kurdistan. In 2012, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) withdrew from Afrin and the People’s and Women’s Protection Units, known as the YPG/YPJ, […]