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Newroz Ahmed, Commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces: “The SDF is Ready for Possible Attacks”

Throughout the fall of 2021 Turkey threatened a new invasion into North and East Syria. As of mid-November the threats abated and it became clear that no such invasion would take place in the absence of greenlights from the US and Russia -which have not been forthcoming. Nevertheless, smaller-scale deadly attacks on civilians by Turkey […]

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State of the Occupation: Rights Violations Continued During the Spring in Turkish-Occupied NES

Download the full report here. RIC’s quarterly report on the state of the Turkish occupation in Northern Syria tracks human rights violations and crimes committed by Turkey and Turkish-backed SNA groups in the occupied regions of Afrin and the ‘M4 Strip’ – the border region between the occupied cities of Sere Kaniye and Tel Abyad.  During […]


Orient XXI – La Turquie mène une guerre de l’eau en Syrie

Original article published on Orient XXI by Chloé Troadec and Chris den Hond on 13 October 2021 La chute du débit de l’Euphrate est une nouvelle menace pour la population syrienne, déjà victime de plus de dix années de guerre sur son territoire. Cinq millions de Syriens risquent d’être privés d’eau et d’électricité. Le coordinateur […]


Ahrar al-Sharqiya: War Crimes with Impunity

Download the full report here. In July of 2021, the US treasury sanctioned Turkish-backed SNA faction Ahrar al-Sharqiya and two of its leaders, Ahmad Ihsan Fayyad (Abu Hatem Shaqra) and Raed Jassim Al-Hayes (Abu Jaafer Shaqra) under Executive Order 13894. According to the US treasury , “Ahrar al-Sharqiya has committed numerous crimes against civilians, particularly […]