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Update: Coronavirus crisis in North and East Syria – October 2020

Our latest monthly update on the coronavirus crisis in North and East Syria finds: October sees as many deaths and twice as many cases as rest of year combined Exponential growth through September and October with daily cases increasing tenfold Partial quarantine reintroduced across NES amid negligible adherence to public safety measures Capacity to be […]

Neues Deutschland – Amnestie in Rojava

Original Article by Von Sebastian Bähr, Neues Deutschland, 16 October 2020 Die Autonomieverwaltung Nord- und Ostsyriens hat eine umfassende Amnestie für inhaftierte Unterstützer des »Islamischen Staates« (IS) sowie für ihre Familien angekündigt. Von dem jüngst bekanntgegebenen Dekret könnten Zehntausende betroffen sein: Seit dem militärischen Sieg über den IS befinden sich rund 12 000 islamistische Kämpfer […]

Providence – The Untold Story of Syrian Kurdish Christians

“We feel forgotten and abandoned sometimes. The world does not know much about the challenges and difficulties that face us. All countries in the region do not recognize conversion from Islam. This makes life very difficult for us, especially in terms of marriages, funerals, and obtaining birth and death certificates, because we are still considered […]

Haaretz – The World Celebrated Kurdish Women’s Fight Against ISIS. Now It’s Silent as They’re Raped and Tortured

A year has passed since Kurdish politician Hevrin Khalaf was murdered along a highway in northeastern Syria, the 34-year-old dragged by her hair, beaten and shot to death by mercenaries. Photos of her mutilated body later emerged on social media, in what many said was a clear message from Turkish-backed forces in the region: this […]

Fox News – Assad’s future and the Syrian Civil War could hinge on the US presidential election

For almost 10 years, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has presided over a country that has been brought bitterly to its knees. More than half a million people have died and more than half of its 17 million population has been displaced, while the number of those rendered disabled disappeared and dispossessed is nearly countless, and the economy has […]

France24 – Kurds to allow IS-linked Syria families to quit Al-Hol camp

Syria’s Kurds are to allow thousands of Syrians including families of Islamic State group fighters to leave a squalid and over-populated camp they run, a top official said Monday. Remaining “Syrian nationals will leave Al-Hol camp and only foreigners will remain,” said Riyad Derar, co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), political wing of the […]