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July Sleeper Cell Report: Low Number of Attacks, Major Events

A major Asayish raid on the 22nd in Hol camp yielded at least 19 arrests. Security forces remain on high alert over a possible attack on the camp despite low number of murders this month.   Sleeper cell attacks down from June; confirmed ISIS attacks decreased from 18 to 14 Major Coalition strike against ISIS […]

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The Rojava Revolution – A Decade On (Part I)

Part I History of the Revolution: Much Achieved, Still Much to be Done 1. Introduction The ‘Rojava Revolution’ began exactly ten years ago, on July 19th 2012, when three predominantly Kurdish-inhabited areas of Syria declared their autonomy from the central government. Since then, a democratic, autonomous administration has attempted to create a grassroots, gender-equal and […]

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May Sleeper Cell Report: attacks down but intensity of SDF anti-terror raids threatens tribal relations in Deir ez-Zor

Sleeper cell attacks more than halved compared to April 6 assassinations in al-Hol 2 large security operations in al-Hol saw 31 arrested in total Outside of al-Hol, 51 people with links to ISIS were arrested Anti-terror raids in Deir ez-Zor greatly increased in response to threats, yet SDF’s heavy-handed approach created tensions with tribes In-Depth […]