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Upcoming elections, the new Social Contract and political system changes – interview with Kobane Autonomous Administration officials.

In December 2023, the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (DAANES) approved and published its much-anticipated updated Social Contract, based on “democratic, environmental, societal and women’s freedom”. Amongst the reforms included was a re-structuring of the municipal and council system, as well as a stated plan to hold elections at various administrative levels. […]

January Sleeper Cell Report – Third Phase of Hol Camp Operation Begins

Asayish forces in Hol camp during the third phase of “Operation Humanity and Security” Key Points: 16 confirmed sleeper cell attacks across NES in January; equal to the month prior 4 military personnel killed, 10 military personnel injured, 1 civilian killed, 1 civilian injured in ISIS attacks 4 ISIS members killed and 8 arrested in […]


“Research and heritage management should be led by local populations” – Vision, conservation NGO

In December 2023, RIC interviewed Vision, a heritage and conservation NGO in Raqqa; a city whose rich cultural heritage was heavily destroyed by ISIS during the time of the so-called Caliphate. Vision coordinator, Ezzat Suleiman al-Mouh, describes Vision’s efforts to both preserve historical artefacts and sites in Raqqa, as well as encourage interest and further […]

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Informe Anual Sobre Celulas Durmientes En NES 2023

El informe anual del RIC sobre las células durmientes del ISIS en el norte y este de Siria correspondiente a 2023 desglosa los principales acontecimientos y estadísticas del último año. Los ataques registrados de células durmientes del ISIS disminuyeron un 34%, de 285 en 2022 a 189 en 2023. El número de víctimas de estos […]


Annual Sleeper Cell Report 2023

RIC’s annual North and East Syria ISIS sleeper cell report for 2023 breaks down the key events and statistics from the last year. Recorded attacks from ISIS sleeper cells fell 34% from 285 in 2022 to 189 in 2023. Number of casualties from these attacks also fell 32% from 362 in 2022 to 247 in […]

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Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg – Interview mit der Stadtverwaltung Derik

Im Jahr 2019 wurde eine Städtepartnerschaft zwischen Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg und Derik gegründet. Seitdem wurden mehrere Projekte in Zusammenarbeit realisiert, darunter ökologische Initiativen, Dienstleistungsangebote und Austausch von Wissen. RIC sprach mit Berivan Hussain und Ciwan Hassan, den Ko-Vorsitzenden der Stadtverwaltung Derik, über die Partnerschaft. Worin besteht Ihre Arbeit? Berivan: Seit zwei Jahren arbeite ich in der […]

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Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg – Interview with Derik Municipality

In 2019, a city partnership between Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and Derik was established. Since then, several projects have been realized in cooperation, including ecological initiatives, service provisions and information exchanges. RIC spoke to Berivan Hussain and Ciwan Hassan, the co-chairs of the people’s municipality of Derik, regarding the partnership. What is your work? Berivan: For two […]

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“When we say defense, most people think of weapons, but this is not all” – HPC, North and East Syria’s Civil Defense Forces

HPC members guarding community croplands near Heseke, June 2023 Introduction While North and East Syria’s (NES) Women’s and People’s Defense Units (the YPJ and YPG) have taken worldwide headlines for their role in the defeat of ISIS’ caliphate and continue to garner attention, a much lesser-known force in NES is the HPC – Civil Defense […]