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New Turkish attacks in Syria are a stark warning of the threat to the Rojava revolution – the Canary, UK

Original article by Tom Anderson, the Canary, United Kingdom. The Turkish army and its allies have begun attacking the Kurdish majority region of Rojava (northeastern Syria). The Kurdish ANF News Agency reported that at least five civilians and five fighters have been wounded by “howitzers and tank fire” in the area of Til Rifat, Shera […]


Turks shoot refugees at Afrin, SAA strengthens Mharda after attacks by Islamists – RIA FAN, Russia

Original article by Sergey Petrov, RIA FAN, Russia. Сирия, 2 мая. Курды заявили о пяти беженцах, получивших ранения в ходе обстрела турок на северо-западе Алеппо. САА укрепляет христианский город Мхарде в провинции Хама после участившихся обстрелов исламистов. «Джебхат ан-Нусра»1*** лишилась одного боевика в Идлибе, сообщает военный источник Федерального агентства новостей (ФАН) в Сирии Ахмад Марзук (Ahmad Marzouq). Коротко […]


A Century After Turkey’s Genocide of Our People, Armenians Are Still Under Threat – Novara Media, UK

Original article by Hagop Artim Kashejian, Novara Media. My family experienced enormous hardship during the Armenian genocide of 1915. My grandfather’s brothers, his sisters, his mother and father were all slaughtered openly, in their village near to Amed (Diyarbakir) in eastern Turkey.  He was about 7 years old at the time. Because of the genocide […]


For their sacrifices in the ISIS war the Kurds deserve better than this – Global Comment, US

Original article by Paul Iddon, Global Comment, US. On March 23, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) declared victory over the Islamic State (ISIS) group’s self-styled caliphate, after capturing its last sliver of territory, the eastern Syrian town of Baghouz. While these Kurdish-led forces successfully combated and rolled back the threat of the marauding caliphate, […]