Summary Report: Turkey’s Attacks on North and East Syria (NES) 24 November 2022

As Turkey's bombardment of NES continues through its fifth day, RIC presents its record of the total number of casualties since the beginning, as well as a record of the events of the past 24 hours.

Summary Report: Turkey’s attacks on North and East Syria (NES) 23 November 2022

Turkey is continuing its bombardment of NES. Oil and gas infrastructure extensively targeted. Al-Hol camp security forces targeted. Site near ISIS prison targeted. Civilians injured, including a journalist. Read our new summary…

Witness Testimonies from Turkey’s Double-Tap Attack on Teqil Beqil

RIC went to Derik to talk with witnesses of Turkey's double-tap strike in Teqil Beqil. 5 people gave their testimonies and recounted their memories of the night. Read their translated testimonies, unedited: Download the document here

Summary Report: Turkey’s attacks on North and East Syria (NES) 22 November 2022

RIC's new summary report covers the latest developments within Turkey's bombardment of NES, including recent drone strikes and targeting of basic infrastructure. Download the report here

Turkey’s Aerial Assault on North and East Syria – 19/20 November 2022

RIC's summary report covers the key events within Turkey's recent aerial bombardment of NES on the 19th and 20th of November 2022. Download the report here.  

October Sleeper Cell Report – quiet inside al-Hol camp, while ISIS targets AANES-affiliated individuals outside

SDF arrest an ISIS militant in al-Sabha, Deir ez-Zor. Key Points 22 sleeper cell attacks, one fewer than September. 5 military personnel and 8 civilians were killed, down from 19 and 10 respectively in September. 11 raids saw 29…

Jóvenes promesas: Una introducción al sistema universitario del NES

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Descargar Ante la guerra y el aislamiento regional, la Administración Autónoma del Norte y Este de Siria (AANES) ha construido en su territorio una red de universidades para rivalizar con las instituciones de producción de conocimiento…