Translation: Report on the Humanitarian Situation in Ain Issa as of 20 December 2020


As the shelling from the Turkish backed Syrian National Army increases in the Ain Issa area, south of Tel Abyad, many civilians who have remained in the conflict zone have been forced to flee, nearly 9,600 people. 38 people have been wounded due to the indiscriminate shelling, and at least 8 people have died. Some bodies have yet to be recovered under the rubble.

Text from the Organizations Office in Ain Issa:

Starting from the date of 12/15/2020, the suffering of the people in Ain Issa and its villages increased recently due to the increase in attacks by armed organizations supported by the Turkish state and reaching the height of a humanitarian disaster, especially in the winter season when many people left their villages and homes, leaving behind all their possessions in the direction of villages far from the lines of clashes and from the range of indiscriminate Turkish shells, in the hope of returning to their homes, lands and properties. A huge number of local residents have recently been displaced, especially villages of clash lines such as (Al-Jahbl – Mashraqa – Ain Isa al-Hayy al-Sharqi) in addition to the western villages of Ain Issa fearful of the mobilizations by the Turkish state that threaten their villages with sudden battles. Through the recent attack, the Office of Humanitarian Affairs has been monitoring the attacks launched by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries on 15/12/2020 against the villages of the eastern line of Ain Issa city, which caused the residents’ suffering, displacement and deportation from their agricultural lands, and the statistics were as follows
A- The villages of the Eastern Line were damaged as a result of the recent attack launched by the Turkish occupation, which is 1- Al-Jahbel village, the number of besieged families is 30, the number of displaced families is 25 families, including approximately 120 people, the number of martyrs is 4, two brothers are under the rubble, and the number 8 is injured. They chose the Autonomous Administration areas where they fled towards the town of Al-Hisha and resided in agricultural lands due to the lack of shelter as a result of the previous displacement in the tenth month (the beginning of the attacks).
B- Al-Mashraqa village, the number of displaced 34 families (155 people), the displaced went to the town of Al-Hisha, the Al-Shibl area, and the village of Tawila, noting that the residents of this village have reached severe suffering to get out due to the indiscriminate and overcrowded shelling by the Turkish side without assistance by the Russian forces
C- Ain Issa neighborhoods – About 840 families, including about 6,500 people, have fled to the city during the last five days, towards the city of Raqqa – villages north of Raqqa and the villages of Ain Issa far from the front lines.
2- The villages of the Western Line that were displaced due to the Turkish masses adjacent to their villages (Debs, Hoshan, Khalidiya, Atshana, Rummana, Koberlik, Korek, Qazali, Bir Arab Al-Jarin)
The final statistics from the beginning of the attacks on the first of the tenth month and to the last attack on the date of 12/15/2020 are as follows
The number of totally displaced families is 1,600 families – nearly 9,600 people
The number of targeted villages, which witnessed displacement movements, 15 villages, including Ain Issa city
The displacement movement is taking place in the direction of the villages bordering the villages of the displaced persons and far from the extent of the bombing by 50% due to the hope of inspecting their villages, and the rest towards the city of Raqqa and its northern and eastern villages
The number of wounded is 38 wounded – the number of martyrs is 8
And it agrees to target the displaced civilians and those crossing the M4 road in front of the Russian forces, who stopped crossing the crossing, without the ability to help the residents
Organizations office in Tal Abyad – Ain Issa

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