Our latest update on the coronavirus crisis in North and East Syria finds:

• First coronavirus cases confirmed in Hol and Arisha camps
• Water has been restored to some neighbourhoods in the Heseke region, but many areas still
have no steady access to water despite summer heat and the fast-spreading pandemic
• Many areas of NES have no access to information about Covid-19 or prevention, especially
within IDP camps and Deir-ez-Zor region, while economic crisis also hampers response

• 2000% increase in coronavirus cases throughout August, New cases in NES this week reach
200, an 61% increase, while deaths double (17,34) and recoveries increase 73% (51, 88)
• Again the majority of new cases were documented in the Jazirah region at 81% (161, 200),
followed by Euphrates (9%) and 3% being documented in both Deir-ez-Zor and Shebha
• Despite only 6 cases being confirmed in Shebha, there were also 3 fatalities this week

Download the full report here, and contact RIC for further comment, data and analysis.