Our research in this paper (ENG, AR, FR), arguing that despite recent geopolitical shifts, “The Kurdish movement still manages to assert itself as a coherent political entity and the sole credible actor to hold the ground and maintain pressure on ISIS…”

“The Democratic Union Party – and its armed wing, the People’s Protection Units – has since 2014 become a major political and military force in the war against the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria. The support of the Western Alliance enabled him to restore the entire north-east, and to establish a self-administration capable of governing the population, the economy, and the lands, even though it adopted an ideology that most of those under its control saw as alien. But the fall of the “caliphate state” in 2019 was a threat to this political-military regime. The rapprochement between this Syrian Kurdish movement and the PKK prompted Turkey to intervene, especially after the defeat of ISIS, which led to a decline in the movement’s importance and the American momentum supporting it.”