Turkey building separation wall in Syria’s Afrin – ANSA, Italy

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Original article published in ANSAmed.

To divide Kurdish enclave from regime and Russian forces

The Turkish army is reportedly building a separation wall in northwestern Syria, dividing the Kurdish enclave of Afrin, controlled by Ankara, from the bordering area of Tell Rifaat, which is instead in the hands of Syrian regime forces and its Russian allies. Reports were from sources on the ground, confirming news appearing in recent days in regional media. The sources that ANSA spoke to via telephone are in Afrin, where Turkish military forces and local allied Syrian opposition groups operate. The sources say that the separation wall is being built along a road that is the de facto border between the zone controlled by the Turks and their allied forces and the one under Syrian regime and Russian forces. At the moment the wall stretches for a few dozen kilometers, from Maryamayn to Kimar, passing through Jalbul.

At the beginning of 2018, Turkish forces conducted a military campaign, occupying the area. Hundreds of thousands fled from about 300 towns now under the control of mainly Syrian Arab militias supported by Turkey. Syrian government forces and their Russian allies control part of the Tel Rifaat corridor, which connects the city of Aleppo and Afrin. (ANSAmed).