Key events:

  • International Women’s Day sees ceremonies, celebrations, marches and events across Northern Eastern Syria Read more
  • SDF resume operations against remaining IS enclave Read more
  • Foreign states continue to debate policy on taking back families of ISIS fighters, as the UK continues to strip citizenship from British women who traveled to Syria Read more


On the Sunday the deadline the SDF had given to ISIS to surrender passed and so operations resumed in the remaining enclave of Baghouz. Giving comment on the future, a spokesperson from the Syrian Democratic Council said that the international community has a duty to support the North Autonomous Authority and to promote security.

Across the region, celebrations, ceremonies and statements for International Women’s Day took place on a large scale, ranging from marches to festivals to military parades. These events emphasized pluralism, unity, and the history and spirit of women’s struggles.

On the ground:

The first conference of the Women’s Administration in al-Tabqa was held since it’s liberation. Hundreds of women from the area participated, with delegations from all over Northern Syria. Read more

International Women’s Day saw a ceremony and statement from the YPJ, colorful celebrations all over Northern Syria and political statements.

There are now one million refugees and displaced people living in the Autonomous Administration of North East Syria, the AANES announced this week. Read more

The Red Cross announced a state of human emergency in Hol refugee camp Read more

A blood feud between five families was settled peacefully in Qamishlo with the mediation of a committee set up for this purpose. Read more

Statements and interviews: 

Syrian Democratic Council spokesperson says international forces should protect security of the region Read more

Co-chair of the Syriac Union Party says the Global coalition must support the Democratic Autonomous Administration Read more

Co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council says they cannot accept buffer zones under Turkish control Read more

The war against ISIS:

SDF in ‘direct violent clashes with IS in fresh assault on Sunday Read more

British ISIS member Shamima Begum’s baby dies in a refugee camp: Read more

Co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council gives statement on what is needed for elimination of sleeper cells and ISIS ideology after the geographical territory is liberated: Read more

12 Yazidi children and 4 Shia children were liberated by the SDF from ISIS. Read more

The funeral was held for an international YPG fighter who lost his life in an accident in Derik in December. Read more


Official statistics show Turkey’s economy in recession Read more

Germany updated its travel advice for its citizens, warning they could face political repression when travelling to Turkey. Read more


A new armed group has issued a statement declaring it’s objective to be “freeing Afrin” Read more