ISIS families in the corridor opened by SDF

Key events:

  • The battle of Baghouz is still ongoing. 29.600 jihadists and their families surrendered according to SDF.
  • Five foreign children of ISIS fighters have been returned to France; negotiations with other countries are ongoing regarding other international children. Read more

The war against ISIS:

According to info from captured ISIS fighters, SDF estimate 5000 ISIS fighters and family members remain in Baghouz as of 17 of March. Read more

ISIS Suicide attack kills surrendering civilians in humanitarian corridor, wounds 3 SDF. Read more


Women’s Council of North and Eastern Syria founded at first conference in Qamishlo “for the joint work of women and to preserve the gains achieved by women in the north and east of Syria.” Read more

Statements and interviews: 

SDF spokesperson Kino Gabriel released press statement regarding the outcome of the last two months of the operation against ISIS, ongoing since 9.1.2019. Declared that 29,600 jihadists and their families surrendered, 37000 civilians were evacuated and 11 SDF soldiers were killed. Read more

The Democratic Autonomous Administration and Women’s Congress have condemned ongoing violations of rights in Afrin under occupation, and called on the international community to respond. It has been one year of the Turkish occupation. The Turkish authority in the region has refused to permit the annual celebration of Newroz this year. Read more

The French Foreign Ministry declared that 5 ISIS children under 5 years old have been returned to France. They also thanked the SDF for their collaboration and added that ISIS jihadists must be judged in the territory where they committed their crimes. Read more